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General Info

EMUNI Research Souk1 is:

  • a multi-conference, implementing at the same time at EMUNI members in different countries of Euro-Mediterranean region
  • a student research conference, participants are stimulated to present their project on UfM priorities (De-pollution of the Mediterranean, Maritime and Land Highways, Civil Protection, Alternative Energies, Higher Education and Research, The Mediterranean Business Development Initiative)
  • an EMUNI contribution to multicultural dialogue and mutual understanding among people


Locations of Multi-Conference

Locations and local co-organisers can be found on this link.


Call for Participants - Paper / Project Submission
We welcome participants to submit research papers or project presentations on topics related to UfM priorities which contribute to a better life in multicultural society.

Anyone can participate at the conference (undergraduate, postgraduate students or anyone else).


Conference Fee: Participation in the conference is free of charge.


Registration Deadline: 5 June 2010*

*If you are only attending the conference registration has to be made by 5 June 2010. If you are presenting the paper at the conference, registration and submission of abstract has to be made by 20 May 2010 - view this link for more information.





Reflections from EMUNI Research Souk 2010


"Thank you for the experience of the 1st Research Souk, intensive external and internal dialogue between participants, universities and cultures. We believe in the future of EMUNI. "
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki - Greece


"The 2009 edition of the Research Souk was a very exciting event and we are proud to have participated in it. All the programme ran smoothly and our students were able to stress the need for all the inhabitants of the Euro-Mediterranean area to get together to solve the problems linked to environment protection."
CESMO - Center for Middle-Eastern Strategic Studies, Tripoli - Lebanon


"Congratulations to everyone at EMUNI that made the Research Souk possible. It has been a honor for us to participate in the celebration of EMUNI's first anniversary. We are sure that this is the beginning of a very successful undertaking."
University Fernando Pessoa, Porto - Portugal


"The day of EMUNI Res Souk was wonderful because of the feeling to be connected with the world. Congratulations and thanks for all."
University of Palermo, Palermo - Italy


"Yesterday we experienced a wonderful pioneering conference in many aspects: the first EMUNI ReSouk, a video conference, and of no less importance, four of our undergraduate students, representing four different departments and all major ethnic groups on campus (Jews; Muslims; Druze; and Christians) presented papers in good English on multi-cultural issues. Our faculty did the same. We consider ourselves to be the most multi-cultural higher education institute in Israel, and EMUNI/ReSouk provided us with an opportunity to celebrate this most important dimension in this part of the world! I hope that you will like what you'll see and hear when the recorded sessions here will reach you! The project here was widely covered on national radio."
Zefat Academic College, Zefat - Israel



1Souk is an Arabic word for Market or Bazaar


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